Chasing Grace

108 gallons of coffee, 46 cast & crew, 21 locations,13 shoot days, 5 months of editing. The result: 1powerful film.


- Created by David Temple + Brandon Riley

Epic Wide Shot of Cemetery.jpg





It all started...

When I took a book, and a dream, mixed in a relationship with an old friend, Brandon Riley, who was honing his chops behind the camera, and started formulating what would become one of the most exhausting, yet completely thrilling experiences of our lives.

Then, we set aside 21 days to shoot this, but soon learned that we could only have our lead actor, Michael Joiner, for two weeks because of an upcoming scheduling conflict. Then our steadicam operator, David Svenson, was booked on a film he'd been waiting for, and our 5 days with him went to 1.5. Luckily, we got 90% of what we needed in those 32 hours (because he's the hardest/fastest working man I know). After that, we learned the house where we were to be shooting and living for the duration, was in the process of being SOLD; therefore, we would have to exit stage left sooner rather than later. Needless to say, those 13.5 days flew by in a blink!

Would I do it again? You Bet A Sweet Iced Tea, I would!

Between the marvelous and talented cast, the fearless and indefatigable crew, and the kind, gracious and giving investors who made the entire thing possible...I can't imagine a better way to spend a year of my life.

Thank you all, for making the dream of Discovering Grace come alive on the big screen as CHASING GRACE.







Thanks to our friend, Jim, we have plenty of Behind The Scenes photos. It's hard to imagine it taking as much time, energy and people as it does to make a film. But it does. 

A HUGE THANKS to all the Cast & Crew who worked tirelessly to make this dream come true!