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A tragedy sets into motion a complex betrayal between two brothers, while exposing a secret no one wants to face.


Genre:    :    Family Thriller, Family-friendly, Inspirational
Produced:    :    Catalyst Pictures, LLC
Managed:    :    82MERCER, INC
Length:    :    96 min.
Rating:    :    "4/5 Doves" - The Dove Organization
Distribution:    :    WORD Entertainment
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A Family Thriller

Chasing Grace is a gritty and powerful film that pulls no punches, but still has a heart. It's a story that explores the redemptive power of forgiveness.

  • Solid and thought-provoking message
  • Exceptional acting by a cast of seasoned actors
  • Refreshing performances by a group of up-and-coming actors
  • Superb visuals crafted by professional crews, using the state-of-the-art RED Dragon cameras

//     This is one film you'll be thinking about long after the screen fades to black.

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Michael Joiner plays Jonathan Matheson, a man who loves his family and church more than anything. But when a tragedy strikes, he learns life isn't always black & white, making the "grey in-between" a dangerous place.

Our Actors

Our Crew

Written, Produced & Directed by

DAVID TEMPLE is our Director, Writer & Executive Producer, as well as one of the leads for Chasing Grace. David adapted the screenplay from his novel, Discovering Grace, a story about the redemptive power of forgiveness. He believes that while it’s a challenge for us to forgive, it's mandatory in order to evolve. David's been in broadcasting since he was 15, with a "first career" hosting Morning Radio shows of every kind, in the top US cities for nearly 25 years. Now, as an author and filmmaker, Temple puts his craft of storytelling to work for books, screenplays, graphic novels and blogs. With an award-winning feature and two shorts under his belt, Temple takes on a story close to home in his first "commercial" independent feature.

Original Music by

Kim Planert is a German Composer for Film & TV in Los Angeles, where he scored ABC's drama series MISSING, alongside Robert Duncan, and wrote music for the productions: CASTLE, THE UNIT, LIE TO ME, THE CHICAGO CODE and INTO THE BLUE 2. He has collaborated with several legendary music producers and musicians including Capercallie, Secret Garden, John McLaughlin (Five), Craig Armstrong, BBC SSO and the Scottish Ensemble. Kim studied under veteran composers such as Emmy-award winner Hummie Mann, David McHugh (Mystic Pizza), Sir Prof. Clive Pascoe (student of Leonard Bernstein) and Jack Smaley (Charlie's Angels and The Last of the Mohicans).

Sound Department

Chris M. Parker: Sound Mixer. Chris is known for his work on the TV Series, Greetings from Prison, and the films Bluegrass Run, Chasing Grace, High on the Hog, In Between Engagements, Killing Poe, Swan Song, to name a few.
Kyle Akins: Boom Operator.

Camera & Electrical Department

Chris Walling, Camera Operator
Francis Edward: First Assistant Camera & DIT
James Petersen: Key Grip
Robert Patrick Stern: Camera Operator
David Svenson: Steadi-Cam Operator
Brian Dailey: Best Boy Electric
Joel McGinty: Gaffer
Taylor Mason: Grip

Cinematography by

BRANDON RILEY is our Director of Photography. Brandon scored his first national television placement in May 2010 on MTV for rapper Freddie Gibbs and has 16 more music videos shown nationally. Brandon has worked with hip-hop artists: Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Jim Jones, Twista, Lloyd, Day 26, and Gospel Artists: J Moss and Patrick Dopson. He's worked with Oprah Winfrey, Wanda Sykes, Steve Coogan, Blair Underwood, Joan Baez, Common, SNL's Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney and many more. Riley's work has been featured on CNN, BBC, OWN, MTV, MTV2, BET, MTV Jams, Vh1 Soul, A&E, PBS, Food Network, and France 3. His most recent work was for the Robert Redford Produced "Chicagoland."

Production & Costume Design

Sarah Sharp: Production Designer, MUA/Hair Designer & licensed cosmetologist, has been working in the film/fashion industry for years. Her company, MU Your World, has been recognized with awards from both Cannes and South-by-Southwest Film festivals.

Art Direction & Wardrobe

Amanda Eastman provided Art Direction and supervised Costume and Wardrobe, alongside Sarah Sharp. Amanda also handled the Chop Shop (2015).

Production Management

Matt Pavlo, Editor
Seth Savoy, UPM
Angelique Chase, 1st AD.
Taylor Mason, 2nd AD.

Producing Team

David Temple: Executive Producer
Brandon Riley: Producer
Michael Joiner: Producer
Trey Ore: Producer
Kim Planert: Producer
Suzie Jebo: Associate Producer

Casting by

Mitzi Corrigan plays dual roles in Chasing Grace; as actress, playing Angela's mother, Daphne, and for Casting. Mitzi's casting resume includes: The Taking of Deborah Logan, The Ultimate Life, Destiny Road, Cabin Fever 1 & 2, The Last Passport, Cold Storage and Ashby (2015), to name a few. And Tara Lynn Marcelle is known for casting, as well as for acting & writing in the films: My Name Is Paul (2013), Bennie (2014) & Virtuous (2014).

Makeup Department

Angie Cottone performed the work of two people, working as Makeup and Hair designer for the entire cast of Chasing Grace. Angie is known for her work in the following TV Series: Partners, A Passing Through, Gunshots, Julie, and Loss of Innocence, and the film, Twinge (2015).

Special Thanks To:

William Hollingsed & The Waynesville Police Department, Bryan Whitner & The Canton Police Department, John Daniels & First Baptist Church of Waynesville, Seth Hendler-Ross & The Town of Canton, Best Western Smoky Mountain Inn, Richard & Kay Miller, The Classic Wine-seller, Waynesville Chevrolet-Buick, Chris Hartley & Cody Jones at Pitts’ Towing, Travis Collins & Mark Sheppard at Canton Middle School, Tammy Moseley at John Laughter Jewelry, Park Ridge Hospital, Hendersonville, Ken Howle, Lake Junaluska, Sunny McCallum Indigo Salon, The Haywood County Tourism Development Authority, DeeAnna Haney & Brittany Champion, Daniel White for his supremely impressive talents scoring our Teaser Trailer, The Mountaineer Newspaper, The Herron House B&B, Oak Hill on Love Lane, Apollo Flame Bistro, Los Amigos Restaurante, Panacea Coffee Company, City Bakery, Bogart's Restaurant and Tavern, The Patio Bistro, Frankie's Trattoria, The Market Place Restaurant, Tomi & Earl Abbott, Quiet No More Ministries, Neal Fischer, Kirsten Cutler, Wanda Brooks,, Palmetto Mortuary, Barbara Childers, Brian Beck, Colleen Desmond, Toby Johnson, Kathleen New, Josh Horner, Faith Fisher, Anita Inman at First Citizens Bank,, Tracie Horner at The Patio Bistro, Walker Service, Inc., Nancy Misenheimer, SAG/AFTRA.

Additional Crew

Suzie Jebo: Food & Craft Services
Jackie Cure: Locations & Housing
Colleen Desmond: Production Assistant
Roger Mason: Production Assistant
Taylor Mason: Production Assistant

Our Extras

Becky Seymour, our "Featured Extra," Micaela Ore, Sarah Faith, Donald Horner, Rita Marley-McKenzie, Makani McKenzie, John & Izzy and Isabella Antiniori, Kristie North, Jared & Jeffrey Staley, Ava Hamilton, Karen Owens, Duane & Sharon Stanford, Savannah Lindsay, Leslie & Sarah Leahy, Hannah & Patricia & Shirley Fairchild, Jensyn Gunnon, Donna Davis, Donald & Brooklyn & Savannah and Sydney Horner, Madison Garris, Jacob Owen Hunt, Tommy Lee Rogers, Mikayla Allen, Angie & Spencer Cook, Alyeska Dronsfield, Kimberly Hester Huffstetler, Jenna Huffstetler, Jimmy Manning, Julia Wilkinson, Jonathan & Sandra & Makenna and Paiten Iselin, Sarah Parish, Emily Hannum, Faith Fisher, Daouda Fofana, Selah Hamilton, Jade & Song Sayvong Bui, Daniela Torres, Chandra & Pierce Pope, Sabrina & Kahe and Katie Layman, Cameron & Mike and Gale Greene, Lukas Brown, Gloria & Carissa Heffner, Carissa & Pierce Mejias, Hepsy Patrick and Haven Danae Owens…to name just a few! (if we forgot anyone, please forgive us then let us know!?)

Our Mega Special Thanks To:

Ken & Pat Dopyera and Suzie Jebo, Jim & Bev Conde, Jamal AIRoumi, David & Julie Svenson, Barbara M. Temple, Jackie Cure and Amy Dawidowicz. Also, big thanks to the uber-talented Kim Planert & Summer Watson who provided the theme song, GRACE.

What People Are Saying...


"This is one of the best spiritual movies I've seen. It runs along the lines of ORDINARY PEOPLE but with a faith theme. Acting was superb, as was the script. All in all a great movie that must be seen to be appreciated. -James R. McGree, AmazonPrimeVideo Reviewer, 5-Stars!


"4-Stars for the Lessons reinforced; lots of lesson here. Denial, lying and hypocrisy...get you nowhere. A little slow i places but I enjoyed it!. -Living-In-Beauty, AmazonPrimeVideo Reviewer, 4-Stars!


"This is not your typical preachy movie about forgiveness. I think some will be surprised at some of the directions the movie takes. However, the final message is about forgiveness of others and forgiveness of ourselves." -Maria Gagliano, Reviewer


"Chasing Grace skillfully allows the identity structures of family, faith, grief and forgiveness to bubble up to the surface in the cinematic experience. Raw and unbiased, the film takes us on a journey through life's unmentionables in the authentic struggles of the American family, tragedy and stereotypical community roles. [It is] beautiful, honest and surprising, as well as a great catalyst for self reflection on understanding what we hold dear either holds us in captivity or sets us free." Reviewer


"Before you think this is just another church movie think again; it's for anyone, anywhere who needs anything as important as grace in their life. Love this movie! Don't miss the opportunity to see an incredible movie with a powerful message about moving through life with compassion." -Tammy Scott, DWELL Magazine


"The messages I took from this movie is that Pastor's are not perfect and can struggle with vices just like anyone,and that tragedies can make a family stronger or it can tear families apart." -margmclaug, Reviewer


"The title alone is intriguing. The acting is superb to the point where I forgot about the actors and became enmeshed in the characters and story within seconds. Congratulations to writer/director/producer/actor, David Temple, for creating a story that is satisfying...yet begs for more!" Dr. Tom Taylor, Author & Wellness Expert


"The movie deals with people not facing their own issues and shows how model families can be dysfunctional underneath their perfect exterior...and how secrets & lies can take on a life of their own. Thankfully, the message of forgiveness comes through as the family copes with the loss in their own flawed ways." Mason Canyon, Reviewer


"The anointing of Almighty God is on Chasing Grace. The story is so well-constructed, directed and acted that, more than an observer, I became a participant. I was among the first to see a "rough cut". I wept, laughed and clapped with abandon, as the lights came up, telling the director, David Temple, "You've made God approachable and shown His heart of love for His children without preaching!" -Barbara Brown, Author of "A Walking Miracle"


"It reaches down right into your soul. I pray that David's work unleashes a movement of forgiveness and grace the likes of which this world has never seen." -Claudia Gabrielle


"The book, "Discovering Grace" is a story with heart and a lot of depth, and I think people are going to be talking about this film adaptation for years to come." -Ralph Henderson, HRH Enterprises, Inc.


"The characters are real and the cinematography is perfect. To watch growth unfold touches deep within. The ministering that David has received from God will be infused through his work in a powerful way." -Laura Michael


"It was unlike other faith-based films I review; the subject matter was heavier, the acting genuine and the story compelling. Temple and his team snagged a powerful ensemble cast and made a film that is poignant, thought-provoking, and dramatic. This was genuine storytelling that didn’t sugar-coat life." -Carl Barnhill, twelve:thirty media

Topics that Chasing Grace discusses

  •    :   Forgiveness

       :   Redemption

       :   Family

       :   Faith

       :   Grace

"Chasing Grace has been pure magic, as it's touched every aspect of the filmmaking process I've come to love. The cast, like Ashlee Payne, who played my wife, the actors who played my kids, the crew, and the director, David Temple; all were just a pure pleasure to work with. David is the best director I've worked with and I'm so grateful he reached out and took a chance on me for this leading role. Everything seemed to be absolutely hand-picked by God. Oh, and did I mention my character and the story itself? I loved it all. Every actor has their 'dream role' and for me, it was hands down, Chasing Grace!"
"This film is a dream come true for me. When I wrote the book, Discovering Grace, in 2009, I knew I wanted to make it into a movie, and here it is. When people ask where it came from, I tell them I was raised a 'PK' (preacher's kid) with a father who lived in a world of black & white, with no use for the grey. However, I wanted to create a story where a man of the cloth, while living in a world of black & white, would use the 'grey in-between' to his advantage."
"This business tends to make people jaded. Creativity often turns into a job and we forget how lucky we are to be able to tell stories for a living. The experience of making Chasing Grace with David was different than anything I've done before. The film is so much better than it has a right to be. The people involved gave more than we asked of them. My hope is that the audience will feel the effort given for this story to live and breathe. I'm not naive or arrogant enough to think this movie will change the world, but I feel it could change a few lives."
Highlights of the CHASING GRACE Movie


Our cast includes: Michael Joiner (The Grace Card), Rusty Martin (Courageous), Ashlee Payne (Resurrection), Abigail Cornell (Twilight) & David Temple (The Confession).


Our Cast & Crew come from: Charlotte, Raleigh, Winston-Salem, Asheville & Waynesville, NC, Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, Kansas City, MO and Atlanta, GA.


We believe families, theaters & churches everywhere will want to support a film that deals with so many poignant topics. Please spread the word!